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hey it's totally okay. stuff like that happens sometimes and it sucks, but as long as you can go back and figure out what you did wrong and learn from it, it's all good. if you're worried about grades you can still bring them up after that, i've done it before. feel better <3

Im just annoyed bc i revised ry hard :( But now I know what tp revise so thats a positive! Ty xxxx

i got 8 out of 40 on my science test lol i feel like crying

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YouTube Name Meanings | Philip Michael Lester

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MONKEYING AROUND - Dan and Phil Play: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

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Phandom's past week:

  1. Tuesday: New worldwide merch store
  2. Wednesday: Vidcon Video
  3. Friday: danandphilgames starts
  4. Saturday: Phil's liveshow
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youtube meme: [1/7] channels

» danisnotonfire ; "i make videos about how awkward i am and people laugh at me."

congrats on 4 million subscribers dan!

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reminder for you all


reminder for you all

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phan + bed head


phan + bed head

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"This is my struggle everyday - Zoe falling asleep on the sofa."

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